Monday, June 14, 2010

Why Put Up With Floppy Dentures?

 If I Would Have Known This is How Dentures Were Going to Be...

   For some people, traditional dentures work really well. As an alternative to no teeth, they can be great. Unfortunately, many people struggle with them. This is especially true of lower dentures. While others may see it as an minor annoyance, for some people a traditional denture (even with a sticky adhesive) can be a nightmare. First you might give up some of the foods that you love, then you stop smiling as often, and later you may even avoid some social situations altogether because of the fear that your dentures may cause some kind of embarrassment. 

Implants Might Be Your Solution

   It doesn't have to be this way. Today's dental implant techniques are highly successful and create options at multiple price points for improving a person's ability to eat and smile with confidence. Of course it's true that dentistry can get pretty expensive depending on just how natural-looking and comfortable you want your new teeth to be (not to mention how fast you need to have them that way). Most times though you and your doctor can come up with a solution to improve just part of your denture experience (like the fear of them falling out) while leaving the door open for upgrading to an even more comfortable situation (like enjoying crunchy foods again) gradually over time as your desire and finances permit.

Finding a Way to Benefit

     While many people may have given up hope that implants are not an option for them due to their age, health, or checkbook, the fact is that most denture wearers can benefit from some kind of implant therapy. Although it can be common for a person in their mid-60s to tell us that he/she doesn't feel there's a point to putting the time or money into implants for their denture, there are plenty of 90 year old people out there thriving with them, even getting them for the first time! The importance of being able to chew and digest nutritious foods doesn't decrease with age--it only becomes more important. A person's ability to eat and smile comfortably is truly a quality-of-life issue. For many dentists, myself included, upgrading a patient's denture experience is one of the most fun and rewarding services we can offer to our patients. Whether you're unhappy with your current set of dentures or you're getting ready to have your first set made and are concerned about how your life will change as a result, an honest talk with a dentist will help you to define what can be done to improve your situation in a way that works for you. There are certainly more important things in life to spend your time dealing with than your teeth--implants can help free you from your denture worries so you can get on to more fulfilling things. It's a decision you won't regret--you just might wish you'd done it sooner. 

     The first step to improving your denture experience is to set up an initial consultation, like the complimentary consultations we offer at Northstone Dental Group. If you're interested in receiving one, you can contact us anytime.